Are you happy with your bike and why?

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Are you happy with your bike and why?

Postby Purple Haze » Mon Aug 03, 2015 1:41 pm

This summer could not have been any better here in Switzerland because most summers are rainy and the temperature is fluctuating between somewhat chilly to down right cold.The Blackcomb that I have come to love is performing better than ever and creates a desire to ride harder every time I get on it.I have added a Suntour epicon front fork combined with a Kind shock ks291r rear shock and could not be happier with the performance of both of these items.My usual daily afternoon ride starts with about a half mile road work and then I am in the hills as they call them here because the big mountains don't start for another ten to fifteen miles.After I proceed to climb higher and higher I reach a plateau where everything that is lower than the big Alps I can see.That moment is when the Blackcomb comes into its own because at that moment I have two choices,one to follow the gravel and dirt mountain roads down or to another hill or single track that sucker on a wild tree root infested single track that will test the skill of any rider because of the shear decline.Earlier this summer I would avoid some of the natural jumps on a particular single track because falling down mountains didn't look so fun but lately I have been able to take incredible launches off these jumps and continue at a high rate of speed.When I mean high rate of speed that is a understatement because to put it in perspective the distance it takes to slow down with both disc brakes applied is so considerable that any turn within the next one hundred yards will be a total power slide that last for another twenty yards or so.Once the Blackcomb is launched keeping the attitude of the bike is easy and requires a gentle tug on the handle bars to put the rear down slightly before the front.My shocks work so good that there is a cushiony feel to the landings which I have felt on far more expensive bikes.I continue this over and over until I come to a road that takes me home.That is why I am happy with my Blackcomb and everytime I get on it I smile because I know what it will do to please me.
Purple Haze
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Re: Are you happy with your bike and why?

Postby Tomcat65 » Sun Aug 16, 2015 2:58 pm

two things specifically come to mind when I read your title

1: Bang for the buck. I actually had tried 2 other BBBs before this Ascension, I took them back with virtually no questions asked and I was starting to get really discouraged with the BBB experience. I was really leaning toward a Specialized LBS bike, but for the money, knowing that I'd be spending money to modify/improve whatever I bought... it just made sense to start with a BBB and not waste $$ on a brand name bike that I'd still spend the same amount on mods. Not to mention, the sales pressure. I had a guy calling me regularly, wanting me to buy a Giant 27.5, even though I had told him repeatedly that I wanted a 29'er

2: Making it my own. I had a general idea of what I wanted to do with my bike, but I took some time to experiment with different parts to get focused, and to get to where my bike is now. I didn't feel any obligation to preserve the brand loyalty, to stay within any certain groupsets, or to go back to the LBS where I would have bought my bike, to buy all of my parts, or service... I'm a hands on kind of a guy, and while the guys on the other forums always strongly recommend buying a used brand name bike, a used aluminum frame just didn't appeal to me lol... Ya, I'd rather trust a new BBB than a used brand name that I have no idea where it's been, what it's done or if it's been repaired

So, Am I happy? yep. I should also mention though, that I don't ride with many other people... I often wonder if guys get around their brand name friends and submit to peer pressure and as a result, become less satisfied with their BBB's? So far, most of my friends have been silent about my bike and as long as I'm not holding them up, they don't care what I'm riding. There's a certain satisfaction in their silence.. And I do appreciate their compliments on my component
choices :)
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Re: Are you happy with your bike and why?

Postby neo71665 » Sun Aug 16, 2015 3:49 pm

Not right now, when it gets delivered I might change my mind :P
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Re: Are you happy with your bike and why?

Postby Falkon45 » Sun Aug 16, 2015 11:52 pm

I'm happy with most of my bikes.

Aluminum-Comp: seriously, I love it as is. Once I get the shifter right, I really don't have to do anything else to it. The lighter Wheelset is only wanted so I can make numbers, but they aren't needed at all. The bike is now exactly as I wanted it.

Stat: happy happy happy!!!! The bike I built just to try out a 29er has made me like them. I do wish the frame was a half inch bigger, but again, it's not required.

Xr250: I wished it was lighter, and the shock bolt was different. I didn't go for the lightest parts for that build, as I was focused on durability. That, and I didn't have a clear plan of what I wanted. I was never quite happy with it, which is why it will be pulled apart soon. Most of its parts will be put on the blackcomb.

Blackcomb: I built it as a downhill bike. I started on it while Irishmongoose was building his. He warned me about what I was doing, and he was right. I don't have enough rear travel for downhill. So, it's going to XC/AM mode with the xr250 parts.

Denali pro: I want a smaller frame is too big.

Overall, I like most of my bikes. But, that's because I built all of them from the frame up. Only one I rode stock was the denali pro, but that didn't last long.
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Re: Are you happy with your bike and why?

Postby Killgore » Mon Aug 17, 2015 11:46 am

Gensis V21
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Re: Are you happy with your bike and why?

Postby Killgore » Mon Aug 17, 2015 11:50 am

Gensis V2100 - Yes & No. I never put any parts on it. It really taught me I don't need a suspension. It also taught me sometimes lightweight bikes are a better choice. It really was an ehhh bike for a rider as large as I am.

Lotus Odyssey - Yes! Even though the frame was a little small for me, it was still comfortable enough (with a good set of bar ends) for me to ride 20 miles on with no issue. Even though that bike is completely solid, it really soaks up vibration well.

Dawes Eclipse 1 - Oh Hell Yes! The skinnier tires made such a difference in speed (I cut 10 minutes off of a 20 mile route just by using this bike). I would like the gearing to be a bit smaller on the cassette, but not every one can cruise in 3-6 on flat ground. I will never have a bike with shorter than 170 mm cranks again. And it feels so nice having a bike that is actually sized for my big ass.
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Re: Are you happy with your bike and why?

Postby scaldwellk » Fri Aug 21, 2015 11:28 am

Yes, but I need to figure out a good way to get the bars up some.
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