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Postby desertguns » Wed Jul 01, 2015 11:59 pm

So, unless your bike has more that one wheel on the front, you only have one fork. Only one fork. Not forks. Your fork has two tines, if you want an analogy. If you have "forks", you have more than one wheel on the front of your bike. If you say you are replacing your "forks", you are an rtard. Period. Hope this helps. :twisted:
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Postby steady eddie » Sat Aug 22, 2015 12:20 pm

This butchery/travesty of the King's English is very widespread, today..

I am reminded of this each day..*Breaks* as opposed to *Brakes*, for example..

I watch a lot of news on TV. The "mission creep" of political correctness is everywhere. People who should know better are placing to much stock in their spell checkers...just the other day, for example, on the Factor, in the lead in story, where Bill O'Reilly reads his daily comments, they run a transcript of his words in a big box, right next to his *somebody* has to be proofreading these, right??

Well maybe not..because there it was, the gaff of the week--the Planned Parenthood selling off aborted baby parts for research as a "GRIZZLY" act, now I am fairly sure that Bill O wanted to say the film depicted a "Grisly" act, one that had nothing to do with a was a clean miss, it was never the-word-of-the-day, I guess.
The Fox News Channel also doubled down with the same word being used later, on the same day, with Bret Baird being asleep this time..

But that is not the end of this stuff, either..they just arbitrarily re-write words and word meanings, too..
how about how "one-of-a-kind" became "one off"..WTF?? Or how about how the word 'Forecast" became "Forecasted"---well, the past tense of forecast IS forecast.. or how about the term "head's up" display becoming (a) "head up" display, which totally shows a lack of knowledge of the term itself...*head's* meaning "the head is up" to read the information displayed..

The word "TARMAC" is another one..tarmac is a cheap black top used for runways on airfields. It has now been bastardized to mean anywhere an aircraft is sitting on "a" is really on "the" tarmac..
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