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Upgrading a Schwinn Firewire 5.0

PostPosted: Fri Jun 28, 2013 8:39 pm
by Snowdoggy
Hello everybody. I'm new to this forum, but after reading many posts, I figured this was the best place for me to get some help.

Recently my son-in-law started going riding with me and my son. He got a fantastic deal on a Schwinn Firewire 5.0 Dual Suspension bike at Target for $199. Now that we have been riding for quite awhile now, he was asking questions about upgrading it. I am not very familiar with BBB's, so I came here to try and find answers/help. The 2 things I noticed the most listening to his comments, are the front and rear shocks (mostly the rear). So that is where I want to focus helping him upgrade.

I cna handle the front fork upgrades easy enough, but the rear is giving me fits. I can't find any useful information on the rear shock, and trying to size a decent replacement is driving me crazy. Any helpful advice or pointers would be a blessing. Mostly I am looking for shock measurements and possible upgrade paths if anybody has done them already.


Re: Upgrading a Schwinn Firewire 5.0

PostPosted: Fri Jun 28, 2013 11:26 pm
by bones72751
Looks like a 6.5" eye 2 eye shock, which is pretty standard for entry level FS bikes. Look into a fix float or RockShox bar air shocks. They can usually be found at very reasonable prices if you're not against buying used.

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