New title!: Falkon45s Mongoose Stat build!

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Re: New title!: Falkon45s Mongoose Stat build!

Postby wicked » Thu Apr 09, 2015 6:50 am

Clean it down with scotch bright and Eagle one aluminum wheel cleaner.
This will save you on the clear coat cost and will result in a vibrant matte aluminum color.
Try a small area, Im sure you will like it :D
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Re: New title!: Falkon45s Mongoose Stat build!

Postby 6sharky9 » Thu Apr 09, 2015 3:37 pm

+1 ^
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Re: New title!: Falkon45s Mongoose Stat build!

Postby Falkon45 » Tue Apr 14, 2015 3:27 am

So, Sunday, my best friend and I hit the trail. Me on the stat, and him on the 24 to 26 vertebrae. Now, he doesn't ride add much as I do, and his frame is quite small, so he had some trouble keeping up with me. Eventually, we swapped places for leader. I can tell you this much, my first experience on a 29er was amazing! Now, it was considerably drier than when I went through on the xr250, but between the wheel size and tires, even where it was still really muddy, I Just cruised through. Even made it over the downed log obstacle they have on the trail (not enough clearance at the bb, though. Chain ring hit.)

Now, the bike definitely wasn't as nimble as the xr250, as the trail is tight in spots, and the switch backs require me to slow down a lot (thankfully, the 203/180 brakeset worked beautifully).

My grips suck. Those are getting swapped when I get the chance. The seat was okay, but I either need a longer stem, or a setback seatpost. I'm riding on the very back of it when seated. The RST FIRST AIR rode nicely. It was kinda tight when I first got it, and I messed up the Lockout cable shroud when I unpackaged it. Fixed all that. Had that terrible squeak the first day too. I just deflated and inflated the fork, the adjusted the Lockout to get rid of it. The rebound adjustment is... Interesting. At full slow, it's at the same speed as my epicon at half. No worries, though. Still works great.

I also need to adjust the rear derailleur cable. On the stand, it shifted perfectly. But, under load, from smallest to mid-range gear, it takes 2clicks to go to the bigger gears.

Overall, I like the bike. It stays in the herrim. Lol.
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Re: New title!: Falkon45s Mongoose Stat build!

Postby Falkon45 » Thu Jun 04, 2015 7:07 pm

So, I got bored today, and tried to tally up the weight of this bike (because I'm on weight weenie mode, right now). I've yet to actually weight the bike as of yet, and I had to go off published weights of just about everything, because I didn't weigh much of anything before I put them on the bike. So far, I've come up with 21.79 lbs. Now, I don't think this is right, but again, this is mostly published weights, and I still haven't weighed the bike myself as of yet. I was thinking around 25-28 lbs. I think I'm gonna find a scale to check it out when I get the chance.

Also, I managed to dial out the derailleurs. Now that those work perfectly, I need to change out the everything for the lockout on the fork. The shroud and cable are both kinda useless right now, and don't lock out a thing.
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Re: New title!: Falkon45s Mongoose Stat build!

Postby Falkon45 » Fri Dec 18, 2015 9:31 am

Lol. Forgot to update this. Got everything fixed, but that's also the day I broke my foot. Lol. Anyway, might be selling it to my brother. Or just letting him use it from time to time, since he had the Scott.

Anyway, I had the lockout switch too close to the shifter. Moved enough to lock the switch, but not lockout the fork. Moved the switch over, changed the shroud, and lockout now works perfectly. It's staying in VA for a while.
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