Picked up a Genesis GS29 Today

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Picked up a Genesis GS29 Today

Postby meatloafoverdose » Sun Jul 05, 2015 3:08 pm

Hello all, long time lurker here, I'm glad there's a forum for the "cheap bikes" :D

Ive been commuting on a old 1987 Panasonic road bike for the past year and its been pretty successful, but I'm limited on my route since its a historic city but also very blue collar so that means lots of debris in the dirty areas of the roads, cobblestone streets, some hills etc.

I was going to get the Stat 4.2 but it appeared sold out at wal mart, so I hunted down the only GS29 locally. It was unassembled which is fine, Ive been learning to do all bike maintenance and so far so good. I wish i had the stat, but it isnt all that bad, I feel I have more or less the best option I could have gotten for 150 dollars with upgradeability

The first thing I did was spin the front wheel and as usual, the cones were torqued far too tight, so i overhauled the front wheels with marine grease and its so much better. I need to do the BB and rear wheel when I get the puller and shimano freewheel socket in.

I completely reajusted the front derailer, it was really off, though im getting use to using a 3x7 setup, my road bike is a 2x6

The setup from Kent/Genesis is a shimano TZ 21 rear freewheel, tz31 front and rear derailleur along with the shimano revoshift which is taking getting use to.I only ridden it once since yesterday and found that Im gonna buy a new stem then a bottom bracket followed by crank set. The stem slipped from the forks after i went over every bolt on the bike, today I found they greased the top of the forks that the stem clamps to of course it doesnt bite very hard either.

Regardless of the quirks its such a fun experience so far, its like comparing a dirt bike to a wheel chair when commuting through the busy city with bad roads and other mishaps

I ended up removing every sticker on the bike pretty much, installed my cargo rack as well. I plan to Plastidip that front fork, the green is unbearable for me.
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Re: Picked up a Genesis GS29 Today

Postby jasnooks » Sun Jul 05, 2015 7:29 pm

Looks good without the stickers. Were they thick peelable stickers, or the thin decals that appear to have clear coat over them? I'm trying to figure out how to get the decals off my Schwinn DSB without ruining the finish. The fork, wheel, and a few frame stickers peeled right off, but the larger frame decals appear to have clear coat over them. I can barely feel an edge, and its really smooth.
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Re: Picked up a Genesis GS29 Today

Postby meatloafoverdose » Mon Jul 06, 2015 2:47 am

They are all really cheap and thin, most peeled right off without any trouble. the only one that was slightly troubling was the main genesis one which tore due to the size of it, but other than that it was effortless. I was really surprised at how easy it was
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