Budget Wheelset For V2100?

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Budget Wheelset For V2100?

Postby Surreal » Mon May 11, 2015 4:25 am

Ive had my v2100 for about 7 months now and its held up decently for a BBB bike but the stock wheelset is nothing to write home about. Over winter I added some mods with the goal of having a decent budget XC FS mountain bike without spending close to a grand. But before I really start hitting the trails the wheelset needs to be upgraded. Since I'm still using the rear vbrake so the wheelset needs to be rim brake compatible. Although I'm considering adding a rear disc but I really don't want to drill holes in the frame. This v2100 is the first bike Ive modded so I'm pretty new to the game and could use any advice :)

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Re: Budget Wheelset For V2100?

Postby Falkon45 » Mon May 11, 2015 6:24 am

Nashbar.com has a decent vuelta wheelset for about 99.99.rum brake only, though. The rim/disc is about 129.
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Re: Budget Wheelset For V2100?

Postby ericbk02 » Tue May 12, 2015 9:43 pm

There are some wheel sets for around $100 - Shimano Mach 1 26" for disc brakes. I made a bracket for a rear disc caliper that worked well - no frame drilling. I am attaching a pic, and there is a description if you do a search.
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Re: Budget Wheelset For V2100?

Postby tigris99 » Mon May 18, 2015 2:09 pm

Truthfully drilling a couple small holes in the drop out is fine to mount an adapter plate for disc brakes. Most bikes have holes there already for rear racks. Doesn't hurt a thing so dont be afraid to do it. Just keep the holes no bigger than for 4mm-5mm screws and no more than 2 holes (I say this out of paranoia of being a big guy, if your down around/under 200 lbs it'll be fine
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Re: Budget Wheelset For V2100?

Postby Thalaron86 » Fri Jun 26, 2015 9:15 pm

The A2Z Disk brake adapter may actually work on that V2100, would be something to look into, and you won't need to drill wholes into the rear frame :D. I am actually thinking about grabing one of these to throw on my Genesis Overkill that I am modifing.
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Re: Budget Wheelset For V2100?

Postby 6sharky9 » Sat Jun 27, 2015 12:58 am

VUELTA is about the best wheel for the price youll get that works with both disc and v brakes.

V brakes work very well actually...i would just upgrade to a better set of pads for the stock brakes or look into the Avid Single Digit 5 or 7 V brake as an upgrade...Its not expensive at all (less than 30 dollars)....youll still get to keep your Shimano all in one shifter and brake set up...also consider the weight you wont be adding to the bike as a plus, in your case.

Rear brakes should be used as a supplement to the front..not as a primary stopping source.....so the rear brakes dont need to be anywhere near as strong as the front...having the power to Lock it up is great but it doesnt help you stop any faster...it creates a longer stopping distance and can cause bike control issues in some situations not to mention possible flat spot on your tire...Then of course there are situations where you want to lock up the rear for control...If you can sit on your saddle and at a somewhat fast speed lock up your rear brakes at will..All it takes is finding that spot just before they want to lock up then you have a some darn good stopping power regardless of what type of brake type it is.

I had an early. 90s GT with shimano cantilever brakes, front and rear and they were beasts...they stopped that bike way faster than my hydraulics do on my current bike..lol...Took some practice to get it where i didnt flip face first and didnt lock up the rear but ill tell ya ,once i programmed my brain to control each lever with different pressure( but at the same time ),it was some sweet stopping power.
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