Hyper Havoc 26" (Walmart) Bottom bracket questions

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Hyper Havoc 26" (Walmart) Bottom bracket questions

Postby crsuribe » Wed Aug 05, 2015 11:26 am

So I've been trying to remove the fixed cup on this thing for a week... I purchased a fixed cup wrench which did nothing but strip the cup a little... tried soaking it in pb blaster pretty much every day for a while... tried my torch and it seemed to get worse.. tried with a bolt, washers and a nut and the nut stuck to the threads and I had to cut the bolt off and the cup didn't even move... Now I've been assuming this is a left hand thread (meaning turning right will loosen it) so I've been pushing clock wise.

Does anyone know for sure what the direction of the bottom bracket shell threads is on these POS Walmart bikes?

Any other advice on how to attempt to do this would be great... Thing is the sprockets are wore down and I wanted to replace the crankset and freewheel; got the freewheel off and now this fixed cup is the only thing standing between me and restoring my bike to working condition...

I bought a Fuji Outland frame on ebay that im gonna use to build a better bike but until then I need this thing back in working order asap
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Re: Hyper Havoc 26" (Walmart) Bottom bracket questions

Postby Purple Haze » Wed Aug 05, 2015 3:00 pm

Go through youtube carefully because there is bound to be a similar bottom bracket but in the mean time put the wrench on it and tap the wrench with a mallet to break the Loctite seal that was probably used.The tapping will usually get that thing going one way or the other.If you don't have a mallet use a two by four against the wrench and hammer.
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Re: Hyper Havoc 26" (Walmart) Bottom bracket questions

Postby Falkon45 » Wed Aug 05, 2015 3:08 pm

Left side is reverse thread, right side is normal thread... Just like all bikes. Or is that the pedals? Anyway, one side is reverse thread and the other is normal. Which side are you having a problem with?
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Re: Hyper Havoc 26" (Walmart) Bottom bracket questions

Postby crsuribe » Thu Aug 06, 2015 11:24 am

I was finally able to remove it. The stainless steel bolt and nuts I tried got destroyed when the pressure caused the threads on the bolt to strip and I had to cut it off with a Dremel. I had been trying with a mallet and a hammer too but all I did was leave some marks on the mallet and some on the tools from the hammer.

Went back to Lowes and bought a grade 8bolt, nut and set of washers and 2 1 1/4 x 36" galvanized steel pipes to use as cheater bars (warning: way overpriced at Lowes).

Had my girlfriend who coaches softball hold the bar on the left side while I applied more PB blaster and some heat with a torch to the fixed cup on the right side and followed by prying with a wrench with the cheater bar on the right side...

It took a long time and I was almost ready to give up but it finally gave in when I tried tightening really hard from the left side (which actually tightens the cup) and then pushing again from the right side. To me this was an epic battle haha

I've never had this much trouble getting a nut loose on any old cars much less a little Walmart bicycle but ah well, at least it didn't beat me :)
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