My mongoose Dolomite experiment /mods

Wide-tire bicycles with flotation are great in snow or on sand.
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My mongoose Dolomite experiment /mods

Postby EBIKEDREAMS » Wed Jan 21, 2015 9:58 am

I just ordered a dolomite. This is my first fatbike . These are on sale for about $220 shipped from the online walmart store. I called 5 local walmarts, and none of them had the bike in stock , so it may be a closeout deal, where they are mainly available online only.

I am not real knowledgable on bikes or working on them , but im gonna try to learn . I do have a Giant brand hybrid comfort bike, that I turned into a electric bike , with a brushless 1000 watt hub motor. I am happy with that bike and it does about 38 mph at full throttle. It is mainly for road riding .

I purchased this Dolomite, because I wanted something more suited for light trail riding. I weigh 240 lbs and am 6ft 4" tall . Hopefully the dolomite frame wont be to small for me.

I went ahead and purchased a crank puller and bought a new set of sealed bearings for the crank , since many people claim the stock bearings are junk. Are there any other specific tools I will need to do some needed mods to this bike { I own sockets, grinders, etc already} .

I plan on turning this dolomite into a ebike also, but am gonna use a brushless mid drive system this time . I plan to buy this kit off ebay . When all the components come in, I will keep you updated on how well the dolomite works as a ebike. ... EBIDX%3AIT

Im guessing that with this type of mid drive setup , the bike wont go as fast as my other ebike , but it should give the dolomite a much needed boost in power, for travelling up inclines .

If I can get this dolomite to be a reliable ebike , for under $600 , I will be very happy .
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