26" BMX recommendations please (Xenia?)

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26" BMX recommendations please (Xenia?)

Postby Ezgoing11 » Sun Jun 02, 2013 8:33 am

Ok. I'm 42 yrs old BMX dad (5' 11", 225lbs) new to BMX. I've been to the tracks watching my son ride for the last year and a half and my itch to get on the track has not gone away. So I'm looking for a bike for myself. No great aspirations to race at this time. Just want to ride the track, have fun/exercise and spend time with my son. Probably will ride 1-2 times a month during the BMX practice nights.
I'm thinking a 26" inch cruiser. I don't want to spend a lot but I also don't want to buy junk and have to replace a lot of broken parts (which may end up costing more than the more expensive LBS bikes).
Walmart has th DX Xenia for $229. Seems like a decent bike. What have been your experience with this bike or walmart Dk bikes in general? I have read of one catastrophic failure on BMXmuseum but i am sure there are thousands out there w/o issues. I have heard it will need replacement of cranks, BB, and wheel components (freewheel?/flywheel?) What would that cost me? Is the frame good? The frame is a super important issue as I don't want to have a catastrophic failure and break the frame/forks/headset while on the track and hurt myself (remember I'm 225lbs).
BMXuseum forum members did not have much good to say about any walmart DK bikes. But it seems they are more serious about their bike quality. I probably don't need the best bike available (my 13 year old BBB mongoose mountain bike is still serving me well).
I have seen the SE OM Flyer which has great reveiws but it is $600! I'm thinking maybe the Xenia even with replacement parts will cost less? But will the frame hold up?
So, should I get the Xenia and plan on maybe replace some components or just go with the quality SE OM Flyer
Any recommendations on other bikes appreciated. Thank you.
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Re: 26" BMX recommendations please (Xenia?)

Postby blammo585 » Mon Jun 03, 2013 4:13 pm

There's been a few mentions on here about the Xenia. I've read some posts on the Xenia over at bmxmuseum and there were some positive comments and some that put it down since it is sold at Walmart. Those that put it down probably have not even seen it in person or rode one. From the looks of it I'd say it'd make a good starter bike for what you say you want to do with it. The cranks would probably be fine, but you could probably change it to a sealed bottom bracket. The rims are double wall I believe so they should be OK. You might want to change the bars to some BMX cruiser bars but you could wait to see how it felt to you after you get it. It has disc brakes which is normally a good thing but BMXers just don't run them; my feeling is that the rotor being where it is makes it easier to get damaged in a crash or a bail vs. V-brakes.

Another option for you would be this Mongoose, http://www.danscomp.com/serve/products% ... kchart.htm. There's a thread on it on here in the 26" section where a guy bought it and took some pictures. I have a feeling the fork is hi-tensile steel rather than chromoly so if you got it and wanted to take it to the track I'd change the fork (which might end up putting it in the price range of the Xenia?).
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Re: 26" BMX recommendations please (Xenia?)

Postby Techman XR-PRO » Sun Jun 09, 2013 8:32 pm

Ive just recently purchased a Xenia off of craigslist and ill have to say that this bike is pretty nice! The first thing im changing is going to be the handlebars, ive got 2 different pairs ordered now, the stock ones that come on it makes me feel hunched over and it feels very uncontrollable. other than that, im going to be upgrading stuff as times go on but for now, the stock handlebars had to go. will be posting pics of it soon!
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