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True reviews of DK bikes.

Postby Fast8 » Sun Nov 27, 2011 6:08 pm

So, I've been searching the internet for true reviews of these new DK bikes. I've found all the usual conjecture by various "experts" claiming that the bikes will surely fall apart as soon as they get to the park. As usual, these people have rarely seen and never actually ridden the bikes.

I've read all the reviews on the Walmart site, but most of them seem to be about other bikes than the DK's. There are many comments about aluminum frames and "spinner" in the name. Also, some of the reviewers claim to have had the bikes for a year. There seem to be a high frequency of women between the ages of 18 & 24 who have taken up BMX according to the reviews.

The only true review of one I've seen was regarding a 24" general lee on apparently it did not fare well with the second owner having a significant OTB accident.

Has anyone else out there actually purchased one of these bikes? I want to get one for Christmas to ride with my daughter, but they are approaching a dollar amount where i want to make sure of the quality.

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Re: True reviews of DK bikes.

Postby antihero » Sat Dec 03, 2011 12:44 pm

Well I just got my DK General Lee 24" today. Out of the box everything seems to be in a good state of tune (brake,bolts,wheels). I went over all the bolts anyway like you should, put some air in the tires and I was ready to go. I've only had a chance to ride up the road and back but I do like how it rides. As for the quailty I can say that the DK is way ahead of the average Walmart "bmx" bike but not the top notch stuff found in your LBS(for a lot more money). I will post some pics and a full ride review ASAP! From what I can tell right now the bike is a great value.
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Re: True reviews of DK bikes.

Postby Wrenchspinner » Wed Dec 07, 2011 6:49 pm

Old DK's were 4130 chromoly, or at least had chromoly main tubes. At least twice as strong as the mild steel used in the Wal Mart "DK's". I've assembled bicycles at a Wal Mart for 18yrs and have yet see a BMX style bike I would ride. More Chinese junk with an oldschool sticker I.E. Hyper, Titan, Mongoose, Schwinn. All big names in the 80's, not so much now. Also, any bike that uses that POS microdrive rear hub like on the "spinner", is looking for a trip over the handlebars. Already had like 4 returned due to stripped internals. Even mongoose abandoned it on there Hoop-D model.
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Re: True reviews of DK bikes.

Postby smakula.kevin » Wed Apr 17, 2013 10:27 am

I bought a dk Cleveland from walmart. when I first got it. felt so nice super stiff got use to the bike. rides nice. every thigns great. after about a few months (8?) the driver will start to skip about a year every few cranks that's the only problem I had with all the stock parts every thing is still useable after oundings and hard rideings crashes every thing. now its almost full custom and the frames held up so great hasn't snaped nothing. over all there good but the back wheel will have to be replaced in about 8 months after heavy use. I also emailed dk and they wouldn't send me a wheel with out recept nothing ect. so I emailed from my brothers account and got a wheel outta em just for the hell of it keep your recept though. that's a mistake that's hard to work around
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Re: True reviews of DK bikes.

Postby mikerbike » Thu Oct 03, 2013 12:13 pm

I also got the 24" General Lee from $170 shipped.

This paragraph is a boring back story. Don't read it. I am coming up hard on 31 years old. I started getting into recreational bike riding in 97 or so. I think I rode my bike 6 days a week until 2003 when I started playing with cars. I still rode for a year or two, until all of my riding buddies grew up or moved away. I've been dragging an S&M NG Holmes around since then, but not really riding anymore. In May of this year, I was staying at a friend's house while I was waiting to finalize on a house. All of my money was tied up in car and house stuff, so I took my bike to the local trails with another friend who wants to start riding again, but is also rusty. That night, my friend left his garage door open and my Holmes was stolen. Some time in July, I caved and bought the DK. I hope you didn't read that. I almost fell asleep typing it out.

The first big problem was, it came with that terrible solid mounted plastic seat/post combo. It was hard and skinny and incredibly uncomfortable. I had a Primo seat and post in a box. I jammed that on and went riding.

The second problem I encountered was the wheels bending. I'm 6'5", ~215# and I do most of my riding on a paved public path while walking my dogs. So, I was doing a lot of 180s and attempted a few 360s. Single wall, 36 spoke wheels couldn't handle it and I had to straighten the rear 6 or 7 times. When I just cruise and hop over stuff and manual around, it's no problem. I plan to get a double wall wheel for the rear.

The third problem, and it's not a big problem.. The rear brake is junky. The lever has a plastic clamp/base and the brake arms are stamped steel. I sanded the rear rim to get some more bite and it worked, but they're still not as sticky as I would like. I also removed a link and installed a half-link in the chain to get the wheel a little further forward for a bit better leverage and it worked pretty well.

Overall, the bike feels solid and light. I do check the frame and fork for cracks every time I ride it. Just in case.
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Re: True reviews of DK bikes.

Postby mikerbike » Thu Oct 03, 2013 12:23 pm

Forgot to mention, the top tube on the General Lee is 21". So it's pretty well suited for taller guys like me.

These links probably don't work. I'm not very good at internet.

I also got a Fit Team something bike for some trade work. It's obviously a lot stronger, but it's not as corfortable for cruising around the neighborhood.
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Re: True reviews of DK bikes.

Postby BLazEZ69 » Tue Feb 18, 2014 7:50 am

So do any if y'all know where I would find headset berrings for a dk cleavland I can find them anywhere
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Re: True reviews of DK bikes.

Postby furiouskittens » Sat Jun 28, 2014 10:21 am

I have a DK General Lee from Walmart. I bought it a few months ago just for a "fun bike." I'm 44, 5'9" tall and weigh about 140 pounds. I don't own a car so I ride a bike everywhere. I'm no stranger to WM bikes- I've had a Triace mountain bike that I have put a few upgrades into as my daily commuter. It holds up as well as my Surly, so I'm not sure why I even keep the Surly. Anyway!

The DK General Lee: the frame is made of Hi-Ten steel, so it's heavier and not as strong as CroMo, the wheels are single-wall so don't try any 180's if you weigh much more than 150 pounds (I would guess) or you'll probably bend a wheel. The tires are fine although I did upgrade mine to gray knobbies. I removed the rear brake almost immediately and replaced it with a Shimano front brake only. Works great for me because I don't do a lot of manuals. I just ride it around and bunny hop. The stickers are gross. Fortunately they are on TOP OF the paint and don't have any topcoat on them so you can easily pull them right off. It looks SO much better without them.

The 24" wheels allow the bike to have a stance that is big enough for an adult to ride comfortably in a BMX way. The seat is hard plastic but I don't spend much time sitting on it so I don't care. Overall, for the price, it's fine. I can see that in the future the bottom bracket is going to give out and need to be replaced but other than that it will probably last long enough.

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Re: True reviews of DK bikes.

Postby blammo585 » Mon Jun 30, 2014 6:25 pm

Just wondering why you took the rear brake off?
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