Tomcat65's Schwinn Crosspoint CX Gravel Adventure bike build

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Tomcat65's Schwinn Crosspoint CX Gravel Adventure bike build

Postby Tomcat65 » Sat Aug 20, 2016 8:47 pm

I answered a Craigslist ad a few weeks ago, it was for a really humble "Schwann Cross Point".. The ad said it had "shown me and lax gears"
I considered my phone's autocorrect and started thinking about what in the world, a "shown me and lax gear" could be.
It turns out, it has Shimano LX components. Autocorrect, it's our worst enema. lol
Humble beginnings
Schwinn Crosspoint CL ad
00808_7tXbr1rdHnw_1200x900.jpg (38.36 KiB) Viewed 1320 times

I looked up an old catalog ad, and found the roots of the bike, and realized, This was most likely the same model of bike I looked at in Gilles Schwinn, Evansville Indiana in 1993. I never will forget the green painted frame, the brown leather seat, and the big beefy grips. Almost certain this was the same model.
Then I found the Schwinn spec sheet
That last line, 25.5lb made me look twice. A chromoly frame, with 700x38 tires @ 25.5lb in 1992... I messaged the guy and we met up in Clarksville TN on a Sunday afternoon :)
$50.00 And I was on the road, with it in the back of my truck. I was shocked at how light it is.
25lb. 9oz. with Panaracer Pasela 700x23 wire beads. The big beefy original grips are gone, the original leather seat is gone, but everything else is original and in mint condition. There's something to be said about 24 y/o grip shifters that still work. I aired up the tires and got it out for a few rips, it's the lightest bike I ever owned. A beautiful lugged frame, no welding flaws that I've seen. Odd little features, like a chain hook on the seat stay, front wheel retainers that snap in and out. Quick, nimble, all of the things you want a bike with 23mm tires to be. Standing up and mashing the pedals gets you immediate speed. The cantilever brakes are adequate, I'm actually happy with them. The bike just begs to go.
The old Tomcat can't leave anything alone. As much as I like the flat bar and upright ride MTB ride position, I want to make this thing a true retro gravel bike. Cyclocross is awesome, and I get it, but I'm no racer at 50, about to turn 51. I like the idea of a cross country touring bike. Something I can get along with and ride road or pathway, gravel roads or city traffic. So, this bike is about to get a sizable assault of modern gear. I have a set of 700x38 Kenda 830 out there in a FedEx warehouse somewhere.. I already have a new brown leather looking seat for it, a stem adapter and a Syncros 31.8mmx42c compact drop bar, and an unbranded 31.8mmx46.5c compact drop bar on the way, Best way to decide which size, ride'm both. And I'm looking at a Shimano Tourney 7 speed brifter set. Working out the stem and handlebar are the slow points for me right now, but I'm getting there, On my 3rd stem now and I think I might end up going with the stem I had on the Ascension. A 70mm, 30 degree rise stem by XLC. Some brown leather bar tape when I finally decide on a bar, and I'll stop and enjoy it for a while. Maybe consider pedals, possibly clipless SPD's

Tonight's ride, right before it rained on me
Schwinn Crosspoint 6
PICT0006b.jpg (174.16 KiB) Viewed 1320 times

Check those skinny lil 23mm tires :)
Schwinn Crosspoint 8
PICT0008b.jpg (138.75 KiB) Viewed 1320 times

The new tire pattern
Since I'm sure I'll be mostly on the road, I didn't want knobby tires causing me loose conditions on the road in hard cornering. I'm hoping these file type treads are just enough on the milder pathways and long gravel roads I find around here.

It's clean, beautiful, been garage kept. It's in my living room now lol.. with 2 more bikes.. Hey! I'm single! I can get away with it!
The 23mm Panaracer Pasela tires are very nice. They grip well, even on wet roads, and they offer almost NO resistance on the road @ about 330g. They're a tire worth considering, and I might consider a set of Pasela 38's or 40's later on. I'm sure I'll have this bike for quite a while, unless somebody comes along trying to buy it with a big bag of $$ and women of ill repute and uninhibited and persuasive behavior :geek:
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Re: Tomcat65's Schwinn Crosspoint CX Gravel Adventure bike b

Postby morando6784 » Sun Aug 21, 2016 5:56 am

Awesome ! Your right sounds a lot like the same deal I got.

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Re: Tomcat65's Schwinn Crosspoint CX Gravel Adventure bike b

Postby dddd » Mon Aug 22, 2016 1:38 pm

You were lucky to find a lug-frame model and with such good components. It should help make any project well worth the effort.

I think that with a short 70mm stem the narrower 42cm bar will be fine. Maybe scale up the bar width if the stem goes to 90mm or more, at which point the handling might be an issue with a road bar on the off-road frame (since hybrids have mtb geometry).
With the short-reach bar though, even a 9cm stem should be fine with the 42cm width.

I spent my first couple of years in CA riding a Specialized hybrid after moving to L.A. in '91. I crossed over the Santa Monica Mountains many times on the dirt trails, going back and forth from downtown up to the San Fernando Valley (where I lived until the Northridge earthquake ruined my rented house).
The Specialized CrossRoads hybrid came with Specialized Nimbus tires that had the exact same tread as yours, they ran fantastic on the road and got me from A to B on the trails every time.
I bought my Crossroads the day after Christmas, marked down to $299. It had the 300LX group with Rapidfire shifters.

21-speed was a pretty new thing at the time and you couldn't find anything like one of these on the used market yet.
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Re: Tomcat65's Schwinn Crosspoint CX Gravel Adventure bike b

Postby Tomcat65 » Mon Aug 22, 2016 4:02 pm

Thanks M! That catalog website has the crosscut listed too. Very similarly equipped bikes.

And dddd, I appreciate your thoughts and insight. The bike feels pretty good with the 42 bar, but the 46.5 will be here tomorrow. I'm not a tall guy, but I'm wide at the shoulders. Not very aero.. A narrow bar puts my elbows in front of me and I end up riding single hand on the tops so I can breathe lol.. So, I thought I'd try the wider bars out. If they make the handling wonky, I can switch. And, after I get settled on a shifter/brake deal, I'll know more about how the bars are going to fit. So, It'll be flat bars for another month or so until I get that all sorted out.

The tires are Kenda 830, but they do still call them Nimbus and they come in a LOT of color variations. The Mocha color skinwalls are claimed to be 140g lighter than blackwalls or the cream colors. I've seen good reports on those tires and you confirmed everything. They'll be here tomorrow. I'm eager to try them out myself :)

The LX components are in really good shape, They're cleaning up well. Not exactly like new, but not bad. New shifters and a new chain are next on the list and I'll be close to done. This bike, and Morando's CrossCut, don't require a lot of upgrade parts for the type of riding a lot of us do. Though I'm sure a person could turn one into a true money pit.

Ya gotta love the folks who buy nice stuff, then sell it to us later in great shape for cheap! :P
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Re: Tomcat65's Schwinn Crosspoint CX Gravel Adventure bike b

Postby Tomcat65 » Tue Aug 23, 2016 7:58 am

The Kenda 830 Black/Mocha skinwall tires came today.
So I slapped them on the scales. 500g for one tire, 506g for the other tire. Not bad for a wire bead tire with a manufacturer's claimed weight of 522g and 664g for the blackwall tire.
I'll get them mounted later in the afternoon and get a first ride impression :D
The mocha sidewalls look really good with the brown leather seat and bar tape. Not as yellowy tan as the standard skinwalls.
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Re: Tomcat65's Schwinn Crosspoint CX Gravel Adventure bike b

Postby Tomcat65 » Tue Aug 23, 2016 12:26 pm

Oh it looks GOOD

The difference in the tires, 23mm Panaracer Pasela vs. 38mm Kenda K830
PICT0011b.jpg (223.02 KiB) Viewed 1273 times

So far, It's really coming together like I wanted it to
Schwinn Cross Point 700c Gravel CX Adventure 12
PICT0012b.jpg (246.7 KiB) Viewed 1273 times

Looking a lot like the catalog picture from 1992
1992_cc_Crosspoint b size pic Schwinn catalog.jpg
1992_cc_Crosspoint b size pic Schwinn catalog.jpg (98.45 KiB) Viewed 1273 times

The whole attitude of this bike is really changing. And I LIKE it :D
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Re: Tomcat65's Schwinn Crosspoint CX Gravel Adventure bike b

Postby Tomcat65 » Tue Aug 23, 2016 12:51 pm


I have a little complaint... The previous owner must have run the tires flat at some point, because I had to wipe the inside of the rims to get rid of the bits of grass and dust out, especially around the valve openings. The complaint is; When I mounted these tires, the rims are so narrow, I had to partially inflate the tube in the tire (not bad, I always do, and wih a little powder so it doesn't all bind up), I had to cram the presta valve up in the tire, and then I had to jam the beads in the rim at the valve opening with the presta part way out. The extra tube thickness at the base of the tube's presta valve was too much to let the tire seat at the valve. I got the tire completely seated on the rim, and gave it a couple of pumps, the presta popped into position and I installed the retainer nuts. The rear tire bead didn't seat correctly, so I deflated, worked the bead around a little, and inflated again. Perfect. The tubes are Meetlocks. They seem to be good quality and you know I'll let you guys know if anything goes wrong. Already, I believe these tubes would work better with a wider rim

I'm trying to keep up with all of these small refining details, but Wow...

And just for saying, I know this isn't a BigBoxBike, But I'm still one of you guys and anything I do to this bike, can almost certainly be done to a Kent RoadTech, a GMC Denali, a flat bar Schwinn, a 25y/o mountain bike, or a Genesis GS29. Actually, I think a black GS29 would be Really sharp with brown leather, a drop bar and narrow cross tires. The springy fork would probably make it a much better ride, though it would keep it heavy. I think the weight loss on a cross tire would make such a difference that the fork weight would be acceptable.

Build'em boys! Post pics.
You all have ideas that we all want to see!
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Re: Tomcat65's Schwinn Crosspoint CX Gravel Adventure bike b

Postby Falcon900EX » Tue Aug 23, 2016 6:29 pm

Tomcat65, That looks fantastic! Hard to think of anything I'd do differently on ride, really... Schwinn made some really great CX/gravel bikes in the early 90s. It really is a classic, and belongs just as much at the table with the big box crowd as some tuned and slightly improved big box bikes can hang with the LBS crowd! Great quality from Schwinn at the time also, before Pacific took over... Great find!
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Re: Tomcat65's Schwinn Crosspoint CX Gravel Adventure bike b

Postby Tomcat65 » Sun Sep 04, 2016 2:29 pm

7 miles, good pace, not too hot. At 4.5 miles, my seat became terribly uncomfortable. It wasn't until I got home and had time to sit down and look at the seat that I realized what has happened. The edge padding/filler has crushed and the seat padding I count on, has broken free from the shell. It has relocated and I was pretty much sitting on the shell with only the cover material for cushion. It's a cheap knock off of a Charge seat that I got for $18.00.. It looks comfortable and I was fine with it on short rides around town (3 miles or less) for a couple of weeks now. But the edge filler is just gone, the cover is hollowed out and I'm able to push the main pads around under the cover, as that cover comes loose and loses it's shape. So, I get to decide whether I want to send it back, ask for a refund, Repair it myself, or toss it and start over. Right now, I just want away from it and my groin to stop throbbing.
I've never seen anything like this on a bike seat. I could have been seriously injured lol..

Anyway, I have the drop bars, considering all of my options before I buy shifters and possibly a new cassette. Ill be glad when I can get rid of the flat bar and get a more forward and lower stance on the bike. Right now, the flat bar has me feeling like I'm on an MTB with narrow bars and bad grips. The grip shifters work perfectly, as long as I don't pull too far, if I twist just a hair past the click, it will not stay in gear and jumps and clicks all over the place in 3rd, 4th and 5th on the rear cogs. That really bothers me too, as I'm topping a hill or on slow sloping grades, I use those mid range gears a lot. I am assuming the grip shifter is either worn out, or the cable is getting sticky.

Been shopping for pedals and ready to go clipless, I believe that will help me whether sitting or out of the saddle and climbing. But until I get the drop bars on, standing and climbing with the flat bar is kind of weird. I cant get forward enough on the bike without feeling a little off. I'm not a very tall guy, but long legged. My knees get close to the bars when I have them adjusted down and swinging the bike side to side.

The tires are great so far, I only have one minor complaint. They have a tendency to pick up a lot of gritty small stuff and direct it at my face lol.. YAY! :geek:
I didn't want fenders on this bike, but I'll probably have a set before winter's over

Protect your eyes boys!
And check your seat too!
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Re: Tomcat65's Schwinn Crosspoint CX Gravel Adventure bike b

Postby Tomcat65 » Mon Sep 05, 2016 5:29 am

The seat looks like new this morning. Crazy.. I suppose the foam inside just collapsed after a few miles and just needed to breathe. As firm as this seat feels, I am surprised at how it crushed.
I wouldn't recommend this seat to anyone.
The Ebay ad looks fine, and that's about exactly what mine looks like this morning.
Perhaps someone else would have better luck with it, but I am totally unimpressed. I'm 180-185lb right now. A good seat should support me just fine. I wish I had taken pics of it yesterday, when it was so deformed and the cover wrinkled. I'll probably use it some around town, but before I head out with plans to travel more than a few miles, I'll be swapping this for something else.

For an up close sharper view of this old bike
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